Organic Change

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Changing can be very difficult to handle, even for the best employee. Many times individuals would like to just stick to what works, and some organizations are unwilling to accept the change even when the organization believes it might have a positive impact on the overall good of the organization (Mayhew, 2014). However, the one consistent thing in life is the fact it continues to change (Mayhew, 2014). Engaging employees in the change process is a skill many leaders need to learn to utilize, while another talent is being able to know where the organization is in the change process by benchmarking. Tactics that can be used to engage employees in the change process David Zinger, the founder of the employee engagement network, edited a book entitled The Employee Engagement Network Top Tens of Employee Engagement (Forsyth, 2010). The recommendations to keep employees engaged during the change process included: Planning ahead, know where the organization is going, give the employees something to rally behind, set the tone for the stakeholders ( it is alright to let the stakeholders know when one is uncertain and when one is onboard with the changes, but needs to be done in a positive manner), acknowledge the loss (change involves leaving the old and accepting the new), show the stakeholders the benefits for them (everyone wants to know what is it in for them when things are occuring), inclusion is key for the stakeholders (value their input), allow the stakeholders freedom to understand the new framework and find their path (allow time for adjustments to occur and be accepted), allow for problem solving and celebrations of the successes (when individuals feel like they are able to solve the problems, understand the process o... ... middle of paper ... ... Benjamin, T. (2014). How to Use Benchmarking Techniques Effectively. Retrieved from Forsyth, L. (2010). Ch-ch-changes! Ten Tips for Keeping Employees Engaged During Change. (D. Zinger, Ed.) Retrieved from The Top Tens of Employee Engagement: Hundreds of Brilliant Engagement Ideas: Mayhew, R. (2014). How to Deal With Organizations That Are Unwilling to Change. Retrieved from Woodward, S., & Hendry, C. (2004). Leading and coping with change. Journal Of Change Management, 4(2), 155-183. doi:10.1080/1469701042000221687
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