Oral Interview: The Importance On Culture And History

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“In every community - in families, neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools - there are people who have knowledge and skills to share to others”, quoted by folklorist Marjorie Hunt.(“The Smithsonian Folklife and Oral History Interviewing Guide”) “As active participants in community life, these bearers of tradition are primary sources of culture and history”. (https://folklife.si.edu/the-smithsonian-folklife-and-oral-history-interviewing-guide/smithsonian) Hunt’s statements solidify that being a traditional bearer is broadly important to the study of culture and history itself in a big way. In any case, the best method to document these memories and experiences is with the help of Oral History. Oral history is mainly understood as a self-conscious…show more content…
The interviewing process allows you to identify an individual’s culture, and may include background information about the culture in a subtle way. For what it’s worth, the interviewer might even recognize some similarities and differences along the way. People might not immediately realize it but we experience cultural awareness everyday. Everyday we constantly exposed to an abundant amount of representation of culture through art, literature, clothing, customs. The cultural values of a community gives an itself an identity to of its own people. Even so it’s a common bond that ties people together in the community ,where people interact and shape their standards and behavior. This is a term that is often defined as cultural norms or norms, a pattern especially of social behavior expected of a…show more content…
With the study of history, culture, and tradition of the people you will interview, it will give a first hand with knowledge and experience of those people. As society and life continues to adapt and change to meet new circumstances and other needs, traditional bearers will continuously shape the society and life as a whole. With that in mind, the study and understanding of oral history plays a very important role in the preservation of our cultures and traditions. Oral history is more in-depth in terms of personal experiences and reflections, which is why it’s more significant than any other historic

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