Oral Cancer

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There are different types of disease in the world . Most of them can be cured others you won't even know you have it until they kill you . Cancer , cancer is one of those diseases that you won't know about until you actually get checked because you have one of the symptoms of this disease .

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Cancer is the second death leading disease in the united states killing 22 % of the people in this country”. Cancer can develop from genetics passed down from family members . Anyone in your family can have this disease and it can affect anyone at any time . For Example , Your great grandmothers mom died from cancer and now that gene is passed down to you and your siblings you don't have it but your brother does . Oral Cancer is a significant problem in the United States .

Oral Cancer can be painful and hard to diagnose . Christian Nordqvist an expert describes Oral Cancer is found in the oral cavity and is a type of head and neck cancer ( Medical News 1-6 ) . Oral Cancer can occur in any surface of the mouth. 3,400 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer EACH year. The ones who are affected are people in everyone and healthy patients that get treated become immunocompromised . According to this evidence mouth cancer is like any other cancer just located in the oral cavity. Knowing that many people die and are diagnosed with this disease should get you thinking about what the symptoms are ulcers are sores in the skin or on a mucous membrane that can be opened or closed. These ulcers can cause non painful , Knowing now any cancer works you also should know that most patients show no symptoms in the beginning stages. Cancer is a monster cell that are irregular and multiply out of control. El...

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