Oracle Products and Services

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Oracle Products and Services A Brief Overview of the Oracle Product and Service Lines Oracle is one of the premier database and application providers in the Industry. With the support of developers world wide, Oracle offers cutting edge technology in both the public and private sectors. Oracle has taken on many of its partners and today competes with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as:  Computer Associates with the Ingres database  IBM with DB/2 database  Informix with the Informix database  Microsoft with Access and SQL Server database  Software AG with ADABAS  PostgressSQL (free open source database) With all these different competitors, it is sometimes difficult for people to understand what business Oracle is in. Oracle Corporation is a supplier of software for the management of information. This includes database management, application development, business intelligence, and the development of Internet-based business applications. Oracle also offers a full range of integrated industry packages t...

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