Optimism For The Homeless Essay

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Bums. Addicts. Strays. Hobos. Homeless. In America, there is no optimism for the homeless. These people are a lost cause. They are just a waste- a blight to our beautiful cities. No one wants to acknowledge the man asleep in a deserted construction site. No one wants to imagine that he once had a purpose or that he once had hope for his future. Most of all, no one wants to recognize that he got to where he is today because our society as a system has failed him. For so many homeless people like this man, their problems begin as young adults. They struggle to establish themselves for so many reasons. But, what if we could offer young adults in poverty a chance to live to their full potential? What if they learned necessary skills for the workforce? What if they were loved and guided by allies to live up to their…show more content…
During a study on homelessness students conducted in 2011, human resource specialist and professor Dr. M. Abdul Rahman recorded that 1,168,354 children were homeless (Adbul 688). Maturing during young adulthood is vital for success in life. The skills learned during this time create a pathway into careers and stability. If an intervention occurs in young adults, from age sixteen to twenty-four, skills can be given to combat homelessness and prevent it in the future- especially in urban areas.
Numerous factors should be taken into account when attempting to find the root cause for homelessness. Australian Researcher Robyn Broadbent writes that “… age, ethnicity, location, family status and background, individual experiences and abilities all impacted on young people’s homelessness and the quality of responses.” (31) With this being said, there is no simple answer on how to change the lives of those in need. Homelessness is a more complex issue. All things must be considered when issuing a new system to heal victims of

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