Oprah Winfrey : Success Through Ambition

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Success Through Ambition Success is all around us. As we look around, we see new technology advancements, new businesses being constructed, and personal goals being met. The world is constantly growing when success is achieved. There are countless, distinctive stories that end with a successful outcome and originated from various beginnings. Some of which we see within our own walls. Yes, we constantly look at the final product, but have we ever wondered how that success came to be? It is often not luck that brings success, it's the ambition. Oprah Winfrey, a woman of triumph, came from an atrocious background. Presently recognized as one of the wealthiest women in the world, was not always the case for Winfrey. She grew up in a household located in a povertized ghetto in Milwaukee. At only nine years old, she was continually sexually abused by a family friend, resulting her to develop a rebellious persona. Her strict father prohibited this rebellious behavior and fixated her head in the books. Oprah was glad to have moved under her stringent father supervision because it transformed her into the person she is today. Instead of rebelling in cope of her poor childhood, she decided to overcome adversity with excellent grades at Tennessee State University. During this time in history, especially in Tennessee, life for black people was gruesome. Winfrey idolized school, but she also yearned to be on television along side with the tall, blond, blue eyed women. With the ambition she held, that’s exactly what she set out to do. Her journey took multiple rejections, to the point where she nearly relinquished her lifelong dream. Until soon enough, her persistence and ambition payed off. She found herself standing in front of a camera as... ... middle of paper ... ...that is alienated to them. Now, they have lived here longer than they have in Mexico. My parents are living the American dream as non natives and their success all came to be when they decided to step foot into the puddle of ambition and into the United States of America. Oprah WInfrey, my parents, entrepreneurs and business owners all created their success stories walking through the path of ambition. Their stories, all are utterly different, yet belong under the same category that all success is indeed brought about by ambition. They are a few of the many that follow the ambitious journey to success. They all may be completely different people, but if there is one thing in common, it's the ambition they all have displayed to reach success. Works Cited “Oprah Winfrey Biography.” Encyclopedia of World Biography, www.notablebiographies.com/We-Z/Winfrey-Oprah.html.

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