Online Games And The Gaming Industry

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Since today’s games is one of the most popularity entertainment that kids and teenager tend to participate with. They can find their happiness and joy through playing different category of games. However, the most famous one of them is an Online Games. Is a game that people around the world can play together and communicate with. This type of game is a network of computers that mostly using the Internet to connect with one another. Without the Internet people can not connects to the games because all the Online Game required Internet. With so many category of games for people chose to play with. An Online games is always on the top of the list because with the beautiful graphics of the game and a network where players can works or shares with one another. With the advanced technology, the gaming industry keep getting bigger and bigger. Choosing a games that best for the player to play with is very hard. There are people even play different types of game in order to figure out which games is fit their gaming style. The two popular and biggest prize pool MOBA games that very famous to play with are LOL and DotA. Both of this games provide an entertainment of delectation and action.

LOL stand for League of Legends, and eighty percent of the game has the same category as Dota 2. In game they called the “heroes” as champion because there are so many types of character. In LOL, they separates into two teams, and each team contain either 3 to 5 players depend on the maps. On the top right corner of the map is Noxus base, while on the left bottom corner of the map is Demancia base. In game, player can decide to play one of the 127 champions with different ability that can outscale the opponent. Usually every 3 to 4 the game develope...

... middle of paper ... require a lot of skills and technique for those who want to play.

In conclusion, a true gamer’s always very sharp on choosing which is better for them when playing games. Most of these games are created to excite the player and provide an enjoyable moment. With all the updated in LOL, the game provides easier for the player to play and increasing the graphic of all the champion looks. It will definitely be more exciting if playing with a lot of friends because the game will be more challenging and fun. On the other hand, Dota 2 is more difficult for new players because with the game style. However, it can be enjoyable if the player knows how to harass their opponent over and over against. Overall, it depend on the player decision that either playing LOL or Dota 2. Anyway, it does not matter because both games still provide a lot of exciting and fun with others.

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