One Health Case Study

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In the United States today, many aspects of health are very segregated. This form of separation is referred to as silos. Animal, human, and environmental health are separated into these silos. Experts in these fields rarely work together or collaborate. The majority of research, funding, and resources are separated in to the three disciplines. The solution to this issue is the concept of “One Health”. One Health acknowledges the connectivity of all aspects of health. By working together, it is possible to detect outbreaks of disease earlier and save many more lives. One Health has made a dramatic influence on infectious disease prevention, detection, and treatment. Although there has been some advancements, there is still much
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Likewise, the three have been and should continue to be factors in the solution. There is potential benefit to all areas when One Health is implemented. The human population all over the world encounters animals that carry diseases. The diseases may not be harmful for the animal, but once it is transferred to humans, it causes problems. Many times humans interact with ecosystems, destroying habitats or vital predators in a particular animal population. These things can cause new diseases, higher prevalence of disease, or resistant disease (Manlove, K. R. et al., 2016). It is clear that the three populations are very much interconnected. What is unclear is why so much research continues to be done within the current…show more content…
Many of these diseases originate from animal populations. Humans’ interaction with the environment, and animals contribute to the rate and prevalence of disease. All three areas are interconnected. One Health is a concept that views human, animal, and environmental health as one area of health. The three entities, when separated can hinder each other and delay progress. The opposite is also true. When public health officials recognize the correlation between human, animal, and environmental health, advancements and innovation can occur. Other public health issues are present in relation to spread of infectious disease between humans and animals. People must know how to cook animal products in order to kill pathogens. Many diseases are also transferred when humans disrupt ecosystems. These are areas where public health has the opportunity to make progress. The issues that infectious diseases cause occur across the globe. In addition, One Health concepts can be applied to populations all over the
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