On The Origin Of Species Darwin Summary

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My term paper is an exercise in an attempt to an intellectual analysis of ‘On the Origin of Species: By Means of Natural Selection’ written by Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin was born in England in 1809. Charles attended the University of Edinburgh where he aspired to learn about medicine. Charles decided that vocation was not the right one for him so he then enrolled at Cambridge University. It was at Cambridge where Charles Darwin earned a degree in theology. Darwin continued to study and learn about natural science.
The famous philosopher began writing about his theories of natural selection. Darwinism has brought up very controversial topics throughout the years now; a theory of natural selection. The theory is Charles Darwin’s effort of …show more content…

According to Darwin chance and randomness are key factors to natural selection. Predictability factors into the history of life through adaptation which is a result of the theory of natural selection. Natural selection means differential survival or reproduction of different genotypes in a population leading to changes in the gene frequencies of a population.2 The conditions required for the operation of evolution by natural selection include variation, a system of heredity, differential reproduction, and time.3
Another evolutionary theory misconception is that humans are not evolving, and according to science this isn’t so. The concept of natural selection applies to humankind. The difference is that humans can use the help of technology to alter their own adaptation. With all of the innovating inventions humankind has become the top of the food chain. Humankind uses other organisms to challenge Darwin’s theories to their own advantage. Is it humane to use other organisms that cannot defend themselves; for pure selfish means of mankind? The acceptance of evolution and the concept of natural selection are

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