Unexpected Turn: A Mother's Road Journey

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The young woman was driving her silver-colored car. Inside of it, besides her, were her three young kids. The children chatted amongst themselves as the mother kept driving, her eyes on the road in front of her. Dark green leaves that formed a tree slowly glided down the grass-covered ground. Buildings arose from left to right as she managed her car. Different varieties of cars, from red like a ruby and to black like coal.
Behind the 20 something year old, the toddlers could get a sniff of the gasoline of cars passing by. Birds were chirping as they flew on by and the engine roared when coming back to life, when the car started up again. Everything seemed to be going as planned. But that took a wrong turn to disaster. The lady, felt the leather …show more content…

Why was the police officer giving her a ticket? This was injustice! This was unfair because she did nothing wrong. She was following the rules and her driving was perfectly fine. Moments later, she received a ticket and the police officer left. She could feel the groan coming from her throat. But she didn’t let it out. She couldn’t be frustrated over a simple thing. But only it wasn’t a simple thing. It was rather a huge thing. She was a proud citizen of the U.S. Her name was Olga Ordaz. But she was Hispanic. Maybe he had been a little bit too racist or something, because this was injustice. Totally unfair since she did nothing at all, …show more content…

When she entered her bedroom, and her back hit the wonderful soft bed, she mentally groaned. Why couldn’t she just stay in her bed all day long? She learned from this whole experience that you have to be careful with everybody. Be careful with what you say and or think. She did let out a noise the emitted from her throat. Which was a laugh. Her 3 children, 2 girls and a boy older than the 2 girls jumped on the bed. Craving for their mothers attention. After all that happened throughout the whole day, it wouldn’t hurt to give them a little attention? So that’s how her day began and

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