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When I was a child, Oktoberfest was a yearly celebrated tradition in my household. My grandmother was from Munich, Germany where Oktoberfest originally started, and to her it was an important part of her heritage that she wanted to pass on and celebrate. Every year from the middle of September till the beginning of October, my family would celebrate within the community and within our home. During this time of celebration, I would help my grandmother cook, bake and decorate. Traditional German dishes were a typical staple food year-round, however, during Oktoberfest, only German food was served. Such dishes included Sauerkraut, Schweinebraten, Dumplings, Brezen, and, of course, lots of beer. Since I went to a private school, I found it hard to relate to the other students and often felt left out because I had to explain what my food was to my American friends. Growing up with my grandmother often consisted of her arranging everything for me to take to school, and typically any leftovers from that day's celebration would be packed away in a lunch box for me to take to school the next day. Though, I would often feel left out or be isolated from my classmates because they didn’t understand the food that I brought to school. My classmates often would ask me “What is it that…show more content…
During Oktoberfest, I would have my hair adorned in a crown style braid, which consisted of my hair being braided and then crossed over the top of my head. This process would be repeated twice, with the ends tucked under the sides of the braids, and then adorned with custom jewelry to finish the look. This was a very common look for young women and children during the celebration of Oktoberfest. Special earrings, necklaces and bracelets were also normal celebration wear during

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