Oil On A Painting By Titian And Manet And Oil Paintings

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To begin with, oil on a painting i.e. oil painting can be defined as a type of slow-drying paint that consists of particles of pigment suspended in a drying oil, commonly linseed oil. This paper will emphasize on Pair 3 which are both oil paintings by Titian and Manet and these painting are based both on the 15th and 18th century. A major component that will be focused on in the comparison of these artworks is the background. The backgrounds of both artworks are very different and they both create different views and thoughts for the viewers. These paintings have a lot of similarities such as the fact that they are both done on canvas and are highly dominated by females. However, with emphasis on the background, this paper will compare and…show more content…
By looking at both Titian and Manet works, there is a huge difference in the brightness of them and this could be because these paintings were done in different eras. The painting by Titian has a lot of colors and the effect of the brush is shown by the depiction of movements being made by the maid and the girl in the background while Manet’s work is more difficult to read into due to the fact that the colors are not very bright and effective. Also, the backgrounds in these artworks create a big difference in the way it directs the eyes of the viewer. Titians work has a lot of colors in the background and this extends the direction and focus of the viewer to the background and its components rather than just the lady while Manet’s work focuses just on the ladies, bed, pillow and flowers being carried by the dark woman. Titians work is brighter and more colorful due to the mixture of different colors used by him to give the viewer more focus on the painting. The colors and background used also depict a difference in class and problems that were being faced by different societies in different…show more content…
Titians work is very bright and is focused on a lady on a bed but the background shows a young girl and a lady together while the work by Manet shows a lady on a bed being served flowers by a dark skinned woman. This signifies that Manet could be trying to show that the world is darker in the 18th century and is dominated by the white people and this could be said because a black lady with a scarf on her head is seen giving flowers to the lady on the bed which is and the cat is in more comfort while The painting by Titian shows that things were good and bright in the 15th century due to the colors used. Another major difference is shown in these paintings also is the effect of class. Titian represents an image of high class by the components, which he depicts such as the flower being held by the lady, and the images presented in the background. In Manet’s work, it can be seen that the lady on the bed is has footwear on, while the lady in Titians work has no footwear on. This emphasizes on the differences on both class and era. As stated above, Manet and Titians works are focused on the 15th and 18th centuries and the footwear creates a huge difference in these paintings and helps the viewers see what both Manet and Titian are representing. Also, the animals in both paintings such as the dog and the cat are both on the bed and are in more comfort than the maids who are also in the

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