Death In Oedipus The King

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At the beginning of the play, Oedipus and the priest are having a conversation. Oedipus is the king of the land Thebes. In this conversation, the priest tells Oedipus that the people are dying due to a plague going around the town. The priest begs Oedipus to save all the people, so then Oedipus orders his brother-in-law, Creon to see how to stop the plague. Creon comes to the scene and tells Oedipus that he has to tell him important news. Creon asks Oedipus if he wants to tell him the news in front of all of the people. Oedipus answers with a yes, so then Creon tells him that the murderer of Laius (the king of Thebes before Oedipus) is from the city. Creon tells Oedipus that king Laius and his travellers were on their way to consult an oracle…show more content…
Another motif in this play is death. At the beginning of the play, many people in the town were dying because of the play. Then town finds out that king Laius also died but no one knows that Oedipus killed him because he was too stubborn to get out of his way. Without knowing that he killed king Laius he threatens the murderer of king Laius that he would be killed terribly. Then in the middle of the play, Oedipus finds out that his dad died due to an illness and that he was now crowned as the king of Corinth. Then at the end of the play, Jocasta suicides herself because she finds out that she married and has kids with her son. This whole play had many deaths, which is why it is considered to be a tragic…show more content…
Their fate was that their son was going to kill his father and marry his mother. To prevent their fate, Jocasta and Laius decided to kill their baby once it was born, but one of the messengers felt bad and gave the baby to a couple that wanted a baby. Growing up Oedipus never knew that his parents were not his biological so parents; so when a prophet told him that he was going to kill his father and marry his mother, he decided to run away. In his journey, he came along a man that did not want to get out his way. They were both very stubborn so Oedipus killed the man and his messengers. Then he came to this town called Thebes and married the Queen. Not knowing that he killed his biological father and married his biological mother. I feel that this text approaches fate as a whole, because the main character Oedipus fate was to kill his father and married his mother. His parents should have known that they couldn’t change the course of their
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