Obesity and Fast Food

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Many people in the United States believe that if it weren’t for fast food restaurants, they would not be overweight. People have even sued McDonald’s for their weight problem. While fast food may be one of the contributors to the obesity epidemic, it surely doesn’t stand alone. There are many more reasons why people living in the United States are overweight. Some of these reasons include problems within the school systems, peer pressure, education, and even just where a person lives.

It’s clear fast food restaurants are part of the problem; look around and you see that they are everywhere. Just take a short drive down Cypress Avenue in Redding and you will drive past no fewer than eight fast food restaurants and three convenience stores within two blocks. If that is the route driven on your way home from work, and you don’t feel up to making a home cooked meal, what do you think your family will eat that night? The fast food industry knows this and has placed themselves in high traffic areas so they can capitalize on tired parents. They are also quick, easy and inexpensive places to grab a quick bite to eat in the middle of a hurried day of errands. It is very hard to get away from eating at a McDonald’s or Burger King at least a few times a month.

There are also huge problems within the school system that contribute to the obesity rate among children, and once children become overweight, it is extremely hard for them to regain a healthy weight and good eating habits. Schools that are simply overcrowded exacerbate the problem because they have to start their lunch periods as soon as two hours after school begins and end the rotating lunch periods only a few hours before the day ends. This many lunch periods in a day leads t...

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...ince driving a car is not conducive to losing weight, the farther you have to drive, the more you will weigh. Cities have grown so large that a person’s house isn’t anywhere near any type of shopping center so in order to get anywhere they must drive.

Modern technology goes hand in hand with residential sprawl. When a person can order just about everything they need from the Internet, why drive all over town? People can have everything from movies to shoes to car parts just delivered right to their house. So while fast food may play a part in the obesity epidemic here in the United States, it by far isn’t alone. People need to take responsibility for themselves and their bodies and they need to teach their children good eating habits by setting a good example. We need to accept that these reasons exist and once we can do that, they will be less likely to affect us.
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