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Unhealthy Eating: The Worldwide Epidemic of Obesity In general, most of the people in the world today are unhealthy. The majority of the world’s population has acquired unhealthy eating habits. One contributing factor in the United States of unhealthiness is that the United States government does not have the control over the dispersion of unhealthy food that it should have. Another factor is that of the availability of fast food restaurants. The availability of fast food restaurants is one of the leading causes of obesity in the U.S. The United States of America government does not regulate unhealthy food as heavily as it should be regulated because the government allows many fast-food restaurant chains, such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s,
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Unhealthy diets can be the causes of many diseases. Diabetes is probably the most prevalent disease related to obesity in children and adolescents. To attempt to keep children from acquiring diseases such as diabetes, four large nutritional-based programs were created (Gundersen 92). The four large programs that were created in the United States are the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program, for Women, Infants, and Children Program, the National School Lunch Program, and the School Breakfast program (Gundersen 92). It is easy to comprehend that most of these programs were created for…show more content…
There is strong evidence that if the United States population was to regulate the foods they allow to be sold, there would be a decrease in the conditions of cardiovascular diseases (Mehta and Chang 436+). Healthier foods sold by factories, healthier eating choices made by Americans, and healthier diet and exercise plans would make the United States population healthier overall. Mehta and Chang believe that changes in health choices for the betterment of your body could decrease the rate of obesity (436). A decrease in the rate of obesity would lead to a decrease in the rate of cardiovascular disease. A decrease in the rate of cardiovascular disease would lead to an increase in life expectancy years.
In conclusion, obesity has become a growing problem in the United States, and a stand needs to be taken against it for our future success. American citizens need to take a stand against the factories and businesses who sell unhealthy foods. To become a healthier country, American citizens have to become more disciplined and stop eating unhealthy foods. It is time for

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