Obesity: Prevention is Better than Cure

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Prevention is Better than Cure
Colorado is known for being a healthy state and having a variety of outdoor activities for just about everyone. Colorado is ranked eighth for being one of the healthiest states, according to America’s Health Rankings (United States Overview, 2013). With almost 250 days of sunshine and plenty of open space, it is not hard to see people outside enjoying a bike ride, a hardy run, or leisurely walks (Days of Sunshine Per Year in Colorado, 2014). Colorado has a population of about 5.2 million, 23% of those individual are under 18 years of age (State and County Quick Facts, 2010). Although Colorado may lead the pack as being a healthy state for its adult, many children in Colorado are falling behind and getting fatter. Childhood obesity in Colorado increased 23% between 2003 and 2007, the second-fastest rate of increase in the nation (Bellows & Moore, 2013). It has become a harsh reality; Colorado’s future residents may be the downfall in Colorado leading the pack for being known as a healthy state.
Obesity has become a prevalent problem with children more than ever before. Who or what is to blame for this. There are several factors is why obesity has become a widespread problem for our children. Factors ranging from (Bellows & Moore, 2013)
• Genetics
• Behavior
• Environment
• Socio-Demographics
Behavior and environment seem to lead the blame. Behavior has a large portion of the blame; nutrition, physical activity, and time in front of screens contribute to an energy imbalance in children, more calories are consumed than the child uses (Bellows & Moore, 2013). Children are less active now than in the past. The age of technology has taken away the days of playing outs...

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