Obama and the Economy

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Upon the issuing of President Obama’s budget for fiscal year 2012, the nation will again endure a heated debate between the country’s two political parties. Author Robert Reich, analyzes the content and motives that the budget entails within his piece entitled The Obama Budget. Reich does not directly identify with a specific political party, or side of this partisan argument. This ambiguity becomes important to the reader’s interpretation of his ideas and the eventual understanding of his arguments. However, the author’s lack of clarity becomes less frequent as the paper progresses. In the second half of the paper, Reich’s personal beliefs in terms of the future budget become more prominent. The author’s assumptions and predictions with respects to the budget’s reception are evident throughout the piece, while also maintaining attention to impacts on inequality and governmental power. The left-right spectrum as outlined by Eric Foner can be applied to Reich’s essay and seen throughout its entirety. Similarly, the up-down relationship of governmental power is also discussed. These discussions enable the reader to loosely envision the location of Reich’s political ideas on the intersecting spectrums. In a fairly brief essay, Robert Reich manages to outline an entire argument and unintentionally speculate ideas of political partisanship and the ideologies that construct political parties, using the newly proposed federal budget, while providing personal insight and advice.

In modern politics, media news reports and opinion-editorial pieces generically obtain heavily opinionated and bias thoughts. However, Reich does not merely address the proposed federal government as fuel to his fire, but analyzes the impacts of the budget on th...

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...dget are, political debates are inevitable. Robert Reich’s goal is to recognize the root of these debates. Additionally, the reader is subjected to identify the uselessness of past methods used in Washington. The text is intended to provide a reasonable solution with which will prove to be a politically-centered approach of decision-making. Of course, magnified analysis will place Reich differently on the political spectrums, but these placements are to be taken skepticism. Political disputes and biased thoughts are not effective in directing the economy on an ideal path. Independence, non-partisanship and flexibility will help bring light to the end of the dark economic turmoil tunnel.

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