Nurses Shortage Impact Under New ACA Reform: The Future Challenge of US Health Care System

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Over the years, the nursing profession has become a vital focus to the US health care system with emphasis on nurses’ crisis as being a future challenge with the new ACA reform. The nursing shortage have baffled the experts to recognize the gaps within the Health Care system by addressing the need of more training programs, educational leaders, increase of financial resources, work load of staff-patient ratio distribution and quality of care satisfaction (Sultz & Young,2014).
A vision of amplified foundations such as “the Raise Your Voice Campaign”, AARP , RWJF, Macy’s, and Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation have contributed towards the educational research programs by amplifying the nurses role as the educators leaders and co-existence roots of the Health Care System. (Buerhaus, 2008). An additional partner initiator was the Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing's Future (J&J Campaign) that “ focused on promoting the nursing profession, averting future projected shortages of RNs, raising funds for educating students and supporting faculty, and raising public awareness of the value and importance of nurses”(Buerhaus, 2008).
Nursing is expected to have a total US shortage of 923,629 nurses by 2030 with 207 nurses per 100,000 populations; in 2012, nursing school programs rejected an estimated 79,000 eligible applicants due to shortage of professional educators, faculty sites, low capacity of admission spaces and budget restriction (Anderson, 2014). Health Care professionals are gradually considering other career change as they are becoming more overwhelmed by the intricacy of colossal laws that are implemented under new ACA reform. With the new ACA legal requirements in effect statewide, the nurses ar...

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... Care Workforce By Amy Anderson, DNP, RN, CNE March 18, 2014,
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