Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment

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5. Independent Student Practice: Students will do independent work at their individual desks. 20 minutes Active participation strategy 3: Hands on activity. Students will practice their new skills independently by creating a mobile that will categorize pictures into living and nonliving things. The teacher will list the steps for creating the mobile on the whiteboard. She will then verbally go over the following step. 1) Sort the pictures into living and nonliving categories by using their definitions that they created. 2) Have students color and glue onto construction paper pre cut into squares or circles of different colors. (Use square shape for living and circle for nonliving). 3) Have the students assemble their mobile by tying string …show more content…

Culminating or Closing Procedure/Activity/Event: Students will take a computer generated assessment individually 15 minutes Student-centered technology strategies2: computerized multiple choice assessment. The teacher will review with the whole class that living things must be able to move, grow, and reproduce and nonliving things cannot. She will then ask if any students still have questions and answer any questions they may have. The students will take a computerized multiplication test to assess their mastery (McCarty, Living nonliving assessment, 2015). Pedagogical Strategy (or Strategies): 1. Direct instruction- During presentation of new information the teacher will utilize direct instruction. 2. Interactive instruction- During guided learning the teacher and students will develop a definition of living and nonliving things using. Also during independent practice students will participate by creating a mobile. Differentiated Accommodations: English Language Learners Ell students if needed will have the opportunity to sketch their responses on the graphic organizer. Instructions for each task will be made available in the student’s native languages. ADHD Extra break time will be given to ADHD students if

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