Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 2

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1. When using fonts, it is very important to pick a font with the right personality that sets a tone for the rest of the piece. Fonts are important for getting the right rhetorical effect. For example, when writing a paper it is very important to use a very professional font in the serif category of fonts. If writing something that is non-formal, it is best to use sans font. Sans font is basic letters without any additional strokes. 2. Readability is good to keep in mind when writing. When choosing a non-format title a cute font may be appreciated. However, it may not be necessary to continue to use that font in the body of the piece of writing because it may affect the readers readably. A good font to use would be Times New Roman or Arial.…show more content…
The color on the font is equally important. The different contrast of one color font and a different color background. It is important to use a black font on a white background for better contrast and easy readability. Colors like words font on a black background may be a lot harder to see. 4. When using colors, the cultural association is essential especially when trying to persuade an audience. In the world today colors are used to express different types of emotions. For example, red represents danger or anger, blue has a melancholy feel, and yellow has a happy feel. These are crucial to understand when using visual rhetoric, it can place emotion in the audience if use effectively. 5. When using clip art, the cartoonish effect is usually not acceptable. The cartoonish effect allows the audience to not take the speaker seriously. However, clip art can be useful if it is assigned a specific purpose. For example, it can set a more playful mood to a visual presentation that is not aimed for a serious mood. 6. When using pictures of any kind, from clip art to actual photographs avoiding clutter is a necessity. Getting to the point in picture is just a necessary as getting to the point in a speech. No one wants to sit around guessing a speaker’s
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