Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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What is BitLocker? This question marks its way back to the time when people used to rely on the security of windows login credentials. The security no doubt prevented users from having access to one’s personal computer, but once a person had logged into the system, he/she would have the access to basically anything and everything that came their way. BitLocker is a windows 10 integrated software that lets you encrypt your hard drive(s). The drives are encrypted with 128-bit or 256-bit encryption; this adds up a high level of security to your data even if your computer is stolen or misplaced. BitLocker is particularly useful for people who would like to ensure the safety of their data even if someone is able to have an access to the PC’s login credentials.…show more content…
TPM or Trusted Platform Module is a microprocessor that has the ability to store credentials or artifacts used to authenticate the platform. Each Trusted Platform Module consists of a n RSA key paid called the EK or the Endorsement Key. The EK is stored inside the chip and there is no way of accessing it with the use of Software. The ownership of a system is endorsed by the Storage Root Key, which is generated based on the Endorsement Key and an owner-specified password. These keys along with a secondary key, known as Attestation Identity Key ensure the safety of a PC by matching these keys and allowing or restricting the access to the network based on their authentication. BitLocker can use this technology to protect the encryption of the hard disk, that too using the keys mentioned above. However, there is no need for the use of TPM and below is the procedure of excluding the need for TMP with just a simple change in Windows 10: Step 1: Hold down the Windows Key and Press the “R” key on the keyboard. This will prompt the RUN window, type “gpedit.msc” in the text field and Click
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