Novel Into Films: The Limits Of The Novel Into Films

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space that is the actual image of the space where the narrative takes place and the diegetic space which is the mental space within the narrative space made up of the viewer's imagination.
A keen observation of fiction and films simultaneously leads one to realise that there is a vast difference in the subtle elements that cause the forms of the two to differ. To expand this point let us take a look at the techniques of the narrative in both. While in the works of fiction, the narrator is almost always present. Often we come to know what the characters feel and think not through their own dialogues but through the active narration. Whereas in the films many times the narrator altogether disappears. The film one may go as far as to say has …show more content…

Both are upon the same task of making us (the readers and viewers) see. He states that the novelist and the director both have common intentions. Both are creative artists and both want a receptive audience since they want 'to make us see' their respective arts whether visually through the eye or imaginatively through the mind is left upon us to ponder. Thus states Bluestone that the difference between the two media lies in the perception of the visual and the concept of mental …show more content…

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