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1434 words

The Plaintiffs of the case are Glynace H. Norton and his wife, Anne Graves Norton, The defendants of the case are the insurer of the Baton Rouge hospital: Argonaut Insurance Company, Mrs. Florence Evans R.N,,ADON (Registered Nurse/Assistant Director of Nursing services) whom had administered the fatal medication; and Aetna Casualty & Surety Company, that covered the liability insurance for Dr. John B. Stotler, who delivered the negligent order. In the case of Norton vs Argonaut Insurance Company there are many factors which impacted the court’s ruling as to the parties who were responsible resultant wrongful death of the infant Robyn Bernice Norton. The nurses, doctors(independent contractors) and the the hospital though not formally charged …show more content…

Dr.Bombet soon after readmitted her to the hospital. While in the hospital Dr. Stotler determined an increase the maintenance dose of Lanoxin would be adventitious to treatment. Mrs. Norton was told to increase the dose for that day only to 3 c.cs. He then ordered with the instructions only the following, "Give 3.0 cc lanoxin today for 1 dose only". Due to the ambiguity of the order and lack of knowledge by RN Florence Evans, Robyn was given an injection of Lanoxin intrader-muscularly, in both buttocks, which proved fatal. Nurse Evans Claimed to be lacking the knowledge of the oral form of Lanoxin other than through injection. The defendants were Dr. Stotler along with Aetna, provider of professional liability insurance for Dr. Stotler, and the hospital along with Argonaut Insurance Co., the insurer of the hospital. The first court affirms the jury’s verdict and the defendants were found liable for the death of the infant. The issues are: (1) whether Dr. Stotler wrote an ambiguous order that led to the administration of fatal dose of Lanoxin and (2) whether negligence occurred as a result of not following standard of care by the nurse who misinterpreted dosage administration directions of the medication leading to fatal …show more content…

The hospital under vicarious liability is based on Respondeat Superior (let the master answer) for the negligence actions of its contractors/employees. This is the responsibility of physicians for negligent actions of hospital employees ranging from nurses to x-ray techs. Through Corporate Liability the hospital itself is liable for the negligent actions of its workers. Outcome The court ruled in favor of the Norton family, in the amount of 10,807$ for the mother, and 13,000$ for the father in wrongful death of the daughter, baby Robyn Bernice Norton. The court ruled against the nurse, physician and hospital all of whom were found liable for the death of the infant. The awards to the family was later reduced to $5,807 and $5,000. The reason being that the Norton family already had three children and Robyn was only with them for three months so the attachment was low. This being said the courts found the Nortons were more than capable of have more children in the

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the plaintiffs are glynace h. norton and his wife, anne graves norton. the defendants include argonaut insurance company, mrs. florence evans r.n.,adon (registered nurse/assistant director of nursing services), and aetna
  • Analyzes how norton vs argonaut insurance company impacted the court's ruling as to the parties who were responsible for the wrongful death of the infant robyn bernice norton.
  • Illustrates the importance of egregious medication errors that can occur in a hospital setting.
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