Noise Pollution

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Noise pollution is machine-created sound that unsettles the natural balance of human or animal life. Noise is described as an unwanted, annoying sound. Also known as environmental noise, it can also be caused by animals. Although the disturbing noise most often comes from worldwide transportation systems, it is not the only cause. Some other sources include annual firework displays, and everyday noisy people. Both indoor and outdoor noise pollution can come from a wide range of sources. Many of these include things that surround people every single day. They are present in everyday life. Some of those known include car alarms, emergency service sirens, office equipment, barking dogs, appliances, power tools, lighting hum, audio entertainment systems, electric megaphones, factory machinery, compressed air horns, and construction work. Surely there have been moments in your life when you couldn’t sleep because your next-door-neighbor was having a party with loud music. Or perhaps, you have been to a football game in which an enthusiastic fan blew an air horn right in your ear. These situations are perfect example of noise pollution. Unfortunately, noise pollution is capable of having negative effects on human health. The annoying, unwanted noise often causes aggression, hypertension, elevated stress levels, tinnitus, hearing loss, and sleep disturbances. All of these can lead to more serious medical issues such as cases of depression and a weakened immune system due to sleep deprivation. Hypertension and stress are the most common causes of more severe health problems. Long term exposure to loud, disturbing noise, also contributes to loss of hearing and even cardiovascular effects. Studies have shown that elderly males who ... ... middle of paper ... ...stems. Humans and animals suffer the most from this kind of pollution as it may potentially cause some very serious health issues. It also has the potential to interfere so greatly with the lives of animals that they may die because of it. As previously mentioned, steps and precautions have been made in order to prevent health problems caused my noise pollution. It is also the responsibility of the people to protect themselves. Time spent listening to ipods and CD players must be limited and items must play at low volumes. It is also important to protect your ears by wearing earplugs when attending a concert or helping at a construction site. Whatever the scenario may be, it is vital that everyone keeps in mind that hearing loss is irreversible and that protection against noise pollution is crucial. Works Cited •

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