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The college experience is now being labeled as a luxury only available to those who can afford it. In a roundtable discussion held by Congressman John Carney (D-DE), it was pointed out that the cost of attending college has increased up to 570 percent over the past three decades. Many young students find it difficult to achieve their goal of obtaining a higher education. The student athlete, however, does not need to have money or high intelligence to receive this type of education. All they need is pure talent and a big break. Now, few student athletes feel money should be added to the mix. This would only add insult to those who still cannot afford college. Student athletes should not be paid due the fact they are blessed with a free education and other benefits not normally given to regular students.
An athletic scholarship is the key to a better life for most young students. It often is the difference of how well an individual will push themselves to perform at a higher level. A study on motivation suggested the idea of the athletic scholarship has a negative effect on both non-scholarship and scholarship athletes (Medic et al. 292). The main highlight of the study was the decreased motivation in the players’ respective sports (Medic et al. 300). Results were closely similar for both non-scholarship and scholarship players (Medic et al. 300). Added pressures of obtaining or maintaining a scholarship were to blame for driving the student athletes to sacrifice love of the game for the benefits of a scholarship and everything that comes with it (Medic et al. 301).
This effect is already in full swing as most athletes see a free education as the main attraction for pushing themselves to be the best in sports. If colleges star...

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...t they are not just handed out like candy. An elite few earn the chance for a free education. This opportunity should not be tarnished by greed.

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