Nick's Reality and Gatsby's Fantasy

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Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby are the two main characters of The Great Gatsby and can be contrasted based on their numerous differences. One comparison states “Nick’s mind is conservative and historical, as is his lineage; Gatsby’s is radical and apocalyptic-as rootless as his heritage. Nick is too much immersed in time and in reality; Gatsby is hopelessly out of it. Nick is always withdrawing, while Gatsby pursues the green light. Nick can’t be hurt, but neither can he be happy. Gatsby can experience ecstasy, but his fate is necessarily tragic.” This statement accurately describes the novel and clearly contrasts the two characters in a way that makes them foils of each other. Fitzgerald’s variation between Nick and Gatsby improves the plot of the book and creates well rounded characters. Because The Great Gatsby is a memoir written from Nick Carraway’s point of view, there is more to learn about his inner feelings and thoughts. His background is spelled out clearly without hidden lies, and he tells his reasoning for moving to the East. Nick is being funded by hi...

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