Similarities And Differences Between Nick And The Great Gatsby

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In the Great Gatsby, by F Scott Fitzgerald the novel does not reflect an autobiography, but several of Fitzgerald’s personal experiences are reflected in it. Similarities can be drawn between the novel and Scott Fitzgeralds own life. Similarities include Gatsby and Fitzgerald 's want for success through continuous failure, dreams of success, strong feelings towards alcohol, and their love life. Nick’s qualities that relate to Fitzgerald include his honesty as a man in relation to the liars surrounding him. Also his mid western values to not be judgemental makes him a perfect observer, but also makes him the perfect outsider, which is how Fitzgerald always felt in the company of rich people. The relation between Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby…show more content…
An example is when Nick proves his non- judgemental attitude by not judging anyone in the movie. For example when Tom brings up the book about white supremacy he keeps his mouth shut, and his thoughts to himself even though he knows Tom is a fool. Just like the book he is a modest character with good morals and treats everyone with respect to a certain extent. Although in the film Nick isn’t as big as a narrator as in the book so it takes away from Fitzgeralds portrayal of Nick because it is not truly Fitzgerald speaking as Nick it is more Nick the character talking about his opinions. As for Gatsby he is exactly the same in the movie as he is in the book and clearly depicts what Fitzgerald envisions himself being. Similar to Nick, Fitzgerald found that his different lifestyle was exciting. And similar to Gatsby Fitzgerald idolized the rich and extravagant life style. In conclusion The Great Gatsby seems as if it it reflects personal experiences in Fitzgerald’s life but not his full life. Fitzgerald envisioned Gatsby as what he dreamed to be and always tried to be like. And Nick was whom Fitzgerald really embodies. Both these characters in The Great Gatsby can help us understand more about Fitzgerald and what he was trying to say through the characters of the book regarding his own

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