Neo-Romanticism In Kevin Gaines's American Africans In Ghana

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In Kevin Gaines’ book, American Africans in Ghana, Gaines combines both African and African American history together unlike others have done in the past. Gaines’ book gives his audience insight on the relationship that many prominent African Americans in the Mid-nineteenth century had with Africa. Gaines tackles many issues that were prevalent during this time period, for instance, he tackles race, class, citizenship, independence and freedom. Gaines does this to change the narrative that existed about Africa. Many Black Nationalist, had romanticized Africa to be this place that once had thriving empires but lost everything due to colonization, and westernized blacks needed to go to Africa to help liberate it. Gaines dispels these myths, and…show more content…
Neo-Romanticism, means to romanticize something in a new way. Gaines shows how African Americans did this to Africa. African Americans no longer romanticize Africa in the same way that they did during Marcus Garvey’s time. They do not think that Africa was once this great place of civilization, and now African Americans need to save it from colonialism. However, African Americans now see Africa as a place of liberty, freedom, and equality. This is a new romanticism of Africa that has not been seen until this time. For example, Murray says, “American Negros visiting Africa discovers there that his peculiar history and unending search for unqualified acceptance have made him uniquely American. African Americans are able to see the American dream of freedom and equality as they are unable to see the American dream of freedom and equality in America” (124). African Americans went to Africa and saw it as progressive. Africa was embracing ideal such as freedom and liberty when African American were not experiencing the same in their home country. African Americans no longer thought about Africa in the same way that earlier Black Nationalist thought about. They are romanticizing Africa, to be this place that is far more advance than America, in terms of freedom and democracy for black people. It is strange to consider that African Americans can see the American dream, outside of America but they cannot see it in America. This idea is a new romanticism of Africa, one that suggest that Africa was a former civilized and advance society, to say that Africa is still an advance society and may be more advanced than
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