Negative Essay On Mental Illnesses

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Mental illness. The thing that 1 in 4 Americans will experience in their life. The thing that Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, and Robin Williams had in common. The thing that is spoken of in whispers.

One of our highest taboos is one of the things that needs to be spoken of most. Mental illness effects everyone in some way or another: either we have personally suffered with it, or we know someone who has.

But, there is a disproportinate amount of attention on mental illness as opposed to, say, cancer. We all know about the pink ribbon, the Race for the Cure, and how likely prostate cancer is for older men. Cancer effects much lower numbers of people, yet the attention it receives is overwhelming. Have you ever seen a fundraiser for schizophrenia …show more content…

Since mental illnesses have wide spectrums of possible disorders, symptoms, and co-morbidity, it 's incredibly difficult to research. Unlike something like allergies, which originate from a simple overactive immune system, and can be cured or lessened in a variety of ways, mental illnesses are entirely different. Most cannot be cured, and the sufferer can be stuck with it for their entire life. Symptoms can be controlled but the root cause of the disease can 't be solved.

And even though some of the illnesses can be controlled, others can 't. People with bipolar disorder can have recurrent, severe episodes of mania and depression, even with medication. Obsessive-compulsive disorder can cause people to preform strange rituals to try to ease their anxious minds. Panic attacks can overwhelm individuals with anxiety disorders.

This is where the stigma of mental illnesses step in. Sufferers are called "crazy", "insane", "psychotic". They are looked at as if something is wrong with them, or as if they are weak. Stigma can cause people to be afraid of, look down upon, or shun those with mental …show more content…

However, we, as humans, need to do more to completely destroy the stigma surrounding our mental health. It needs to be treated as a physical illness is, with the same aggression and passion as things like cancer and diabetes are. More needs to be done in order to make ourselves healthier, nor only in body, but also in mind.

How does the stigma of mental health affect me? I suffer from bipolar disorder. I have struggled with suicidal thoughts, actions, and self-harm. I take medicine each morning in order to balance the chemicals my brain fails to make. I am not crazy, I will not hurt anyone, and I make sure that I treat everyone with kindness. My disability is not visible, but it is present. It touches on each aspect of my life. Though it is tough, I have grown to be a stronger person because of it. There is nothing in my life I would change, because I thank God every night for the life I am living now.

I have met many other people, young and old, who have also had problems similar to mine. I have met people from all walks of life, and it has led me to this conclusion: mental illness does not discriminate. It attacks the rich, the poor, the good, and the bad. It can happen to absolutely

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