Negative Essay On Decriminalization

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In 2001 Portugal made possession and use of drugs legal, anything from heroin to marijuana, you name it. As anyway a person would perceive it, they speculated it would have been a disaster. Surprisingly enough the results were quite the opposite, thinking a man-made catastrophe would occur, Portugal is doing better than ever. On the other hand, the U.S is neglecting their drug problem that has risen many years ago. Pouring billions of dollars into law enforcement, and yet the problem has not been solved. Without laws on drug possession and use, federal ran stores will be established, making the black market useless. Decriminalization of narcotics would end the war on drugs. Federally mandated drugs made consistently would save lives. Drug legalization…show more content…
is currently at war, a war on drugs. It has been a war we have been fighting for almost a hundred years. President Nixon personally waged a war against drugs. Regarding an article titled, “A Brief History of the Drug War”, “He dramatically increased the size and presence of federal drug control agencies, and pushed measures such as mandatory sentencing and no-knock warrants”. Even with a substantial size of enforcement, it is a war they are losing. From time and time again, drug abusers continue to end up in hospitals, courts, and prisons. The drug dealing creates malicious crimes that consumes local neighborhoods. Often times the children of drug abusers are abused and neglected, sometimes even abandoned. Drug dealers and organized crime members are the only ones who benefit from this war. All of America’s efforts have been placed on drug users and to criminalize them. The government continues to spend billions of dollars to extinguish the supply of drugs. As long as law enforcement remains to intake money for prohibition, it will be wasted due to it being unsuccessful. The costs outweigh the benefits, drug laws need to be lifted and be made legal. The war would come to an end; without the drug war billions of dollars would be saved, as well an enormous amount of lives will be saved. Government spending on law enforcement needs to be shifted to treatment, prevention, and
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