Negative Effects Of Alcoholism And Its Effects On The Family

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Alcohol abuse has many harmful effects on you and your family. Alcohol takes many forms and people abuse alcohol for many reasons. Some people drink for fun, some people drink because they are anti-social, and some people drink because they have anxiety and they feel that it helps them deal with their problems. Binge drinking is also another form of abuse. Alcohol abuse can also ends in depression. Abusing alcohol can also lead to homelessness, loss of family and friends, and even violence. While these are effects of alcohol abuse on the individual, alcohol abuse affects families too. Alcoholism can cause violence with family members, ruin relationships with family where often times divorce is a result. Alcohol abuse can cause children to feel…show more content…
“Alcohol abuse, now included in the diagnosis of alcohol use disorder, is a disease.” ( Alcohol abuse negatively impacts the individual. It could have negative affects on work, medical, legal, and social area of a person’s life. Even though individuals suffer from these negative effects, they still continue to use alcohol despite its impact. There are also impacts on families. It might result in domestic abuse or violence and children can be affected in many more ways. Children of alcoholics are more likely to experience a negative outlook on life, stress and alienation. They may also show signs of aggression towards others. There are also other psychological effects like being antisocial and having depressive behaviors. ( People don’t always abuse alcohol for the same…show more content…
By drinking you become dependent on the alcohol and then you tend to put that before your family and friends. Getting your next drink is all you are thinking about. Parents who drink a lot may treat their children badly. They might ignore them; they might abuse them physically and verbally. They may even make them feel as if they are not worth very much. A person who is abusing alcohol may become violent. You hear stories about someone hitting their wife or children, breaking things in the house, or just throwing things at their family. Some alcohol abuse could end up with a person cheating on their spouse. The end result is usually divorce. (Lameman, Beth Aileen.) There are different types of family structures. There are several types of family structures that can be affected in different ways when a person is abusing alcohol. If you live alone with a spouse, you both should get help because the alcohol abuse is affecting both of you. If you live with children, one parent tries to protect the kids, and the other parent really ends up doing everything. If you have a step-family, you might stop you from really becoming a whole family. If your child has the problem with alcohol, then their behavior might be affecting the whole family. The most severe impact alcohol abuse could have on a family is violence and
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