Narcissism In Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver’s Travels, by Johnathon Swift, is a satiric misanthropic of humanity. The narrator and protagonist of Gulliver’s Travels is Lemuel Gulliver, who is intelligent and well educated. To which it ends there. The reader gets a glimpse into Gulliver’s voyage to four different lands through what Gulliver wants the reader to know. The reader gets facts about the lands he visits; with no signs of emotion or passion. Gulliver’s lack of aspiration and narcissism is what makes Gulliver a gullible character. In book 2, chapter 5 shows how Gulliver’s pride is the source of what makes him gullible and his narcissistic personality has him blinded and unaware he is being treated like an animal. I will prove that Swift demonstrates Gulliver’s pride…show more content…
The passage where Gulliver is captured by a monkey fits well into the other books because it gives more evidence to Gulliver’s gullibility. For example in book 1, chapter 3, Gulliver says: “And, to confess the truth, my breeches were at that time in so ill condition, that they afforded some opportunities for laughter and admiration” ( 2342). This is in regards to Gulliver’s penis and while he is much larger than everyone else, there should be no laughing. Although, Gulliver is too involved with himself he tells the reader of this occurrence and doesn’t think we would be judgmental. The reader would be judgmental because Gulliver’s penis should be huge and nothing to laugh at compared to a lillipution. Another passage comes from book 4, chapter 1, Gulliver says: “They had no tails, nor any hair on their buttocks, except about the anus; which I presume Nature had placed there to defend them as they sat on the ground; for this purpose they used, as well as lying down, and often stood on their hind feet” (2419). What Gulliver doesn’t realize is that he is looking at and describing to the reader humans. Gulliver being blinded by his own pride can’t comprehend they are humans like him; although, they don’t come from the same class of people as Gulliver. Gulliver views these inhabitants as animals and describes their characteristics of inhuman qualities. This reminds me of when Gulliver was perceived as a monkey from an earlier

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