Nanotechnology: The Future of Medicine

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In recent years, researchers around the world have been showing an increasing interest in the area of nanoscience. Nanotechnology is the research and development of materials, systems, and devices with properties different from those found on the scale of molecules and viruses (Patil et al). A branch of nanotechnology, called nanomedicine, holds strong promise of future medical advances in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases (Patil et al). Nanomedicine is a science and technology which involves preventing traumatic injury, relieving pain, and maintaining human health (Patil et al). With nanomedicine it will be possible to extend a human’s life span by quickly repairing a variety of fatal physical injuries. Medical robots, or nanobots, will be able to efficiently cure the majority of the diseases that people suffer from today. Nanotechnology has the potential to become a core technology for not only modern medicine and dentistry, but others fields such as chemistry, physics, and engineering (Patil et al). Once scientists determine a system that eliminates the dangers of nanoscale materials and regenerative medicine, nanotechnology will without doubt become the fundamental technology of modern medicine.
Medical developments concerning nanotechnology have multiple uses and may potentially save thousands of lives. Nanomedicine is an emerging field which “involves maintaining cells, tissues, and organs by applying cell therapy and tissue engineering methods” (Patil et al). This often includes not only the use of a variety of nanoscale materials, but the rewriting or replacing of DNA sequences in cells (Patil et al). These procedures are mostly conducted by researchers involved in drug discovery as well as physicians lo...

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