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The stadium was filled with people. The milieu was as great as one of Picasso‘s paintings. The Dodgers were playing the San Francisco Giants to decide who would win the National League West. In the clubhouse, the room was full of uncertainty and more than a scintilla of fear. “I’m so nervous!” exclaimed rookie Chad Corbin. “Don’t worry,” the first baseman, Lawrence Slade said. “You’ll do fine. I remember my first game,” recalled Garrett Flynn, “I came up with the bases loaded in the sixth. I got a great pitch and crushed it. It went into the gap and I got a triple out of it.” “Okay guys,” the Dodger manager, Toe Jorre said. The docile team turned toward Jorre. “This is probably the most important game of your lives. All of you have the potential to be someone great. Prove it tonight. Winning this game will bring us closer to achieving our ultimate goal—winning the World Series. So let’s get out there and win us a ball game!” “Yeah!” shouted the team in response. With that, the players ran out onto the field.
The first inning started with Chad at second base. “Okay,” he said to himself. “You can do this. It’s just like at Chattanooga, only here the players are less fickle.” The first pitch was sharply hit to the third baseman, Merle Lovett. He fielded it cleanly, but then had a wild throw to first. The runner stayed where he was at first base. The next batter stepped up. “You cover on a steal!” Chad shouted to Ching Chang San, the shortstop. On the next pitch, the runner was off. Chad ran to backup San. Wait, Chad thought. San doesn’t speak English! Chad started to run towards second. He caught the throw coming in from the catcher and dove for the bag. He put the tag on the runner. “You’re out!” shouted the ump. “Yeah!” shouted C...

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..., a strike. The third was in the dirt and the fourth wasn’t much better. The count was 3-1 and the fifth pitch looked good so he swung. He crushed it into the gap and took off for first. As Chad rounded first, he saw that the ball was still in the outfield. He put on the afterburners and slid head first into third. He was safe. “Oh yeah!” Chad shouted. One run and the Dodgers would win! He looked at the pitcher’s delivery and found the error that he was looking for. On the second pitch, he took off for home. The pitcher was so shocked that he threw the ball too high. Instead off sliding, Chad barreled into the catcher. The ball rolled out of the backstop’s glove.

“SAFE!” shouted the ump.

The other Dodger players charged out to meet Chad at the plate. He helped win a substantial victory for the team by stealing home! The Dodgers were going to the playoffs!
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