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The first book in the Morganville Vampire series is called 'Glass House'; it was published in 2006 by Signet and written by Roxanne Longstreet Conrad under her pen name Rachel Caine. It also happens to be my favourite book. It introduces the series' protagonist, sixteen 'nearly seventeen' year old Claire Danvers, an exceptional teen who leads a spectacularly unexceptional life. However everything changes when she goes to Texas Prairie University on an advanced placement programme. She's faced with the perfect yet horrible and slightly dim queen bee, Monica Morrell, the second she arrives. And after Claire makes her seem less-than knowledgable in front of some potential suitors, Monica wants revenge. After an incident that leaves Claire temporarily disfigured and partially unable to move, she decided that maybe the university dorm isn't the safest place in Morganville. So, she grabs the paper and goes straight to the property listings - living off campus without Monica Morrel, she assumed, would be safer than living in a dorm with her and her cronies. Claire finds just one listin...

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