My Two Passions: Basketball and Education

At the age of one I was presented with two challenges, which are now my special interest. Challenges that seemed bigger to me than life itself. My grandfather bought me a basketball on my first birthday. He saw in me an athletic ability that would later bless those around me and eventually become the love of my life. Even though the ball was bigger than me at that time it became one of my favorite "toys" to play around with. My mother however, also saw in me the potential to be the best through my education. Together, basketball and education has brought great satisfaction, happiness and a way to show my talents while also expressing who I am as a person. Basketball became my outlet. Whenever I had the chance to learn a new move I was thrilled. At the age of seven I was able to join a little league basketball team. I received compliments and support from family members, coaches, and people I did not even know. Inside of me grew seriousness for life, a desire (want) to compete, a need to be the best, and a strong sense of community that led me to wanting to offer and share with others the same talent that was visible in me upon the court. My efforts to be the best were recognized and I was rewarded with the MVP award and allowed to move up in the little league division. I was later placed in basketball camp and things began to get tough. Basketball was no longer just a "toy", but was real. The coaches along with practice demanded a lot more time leaving me tired and out of energy by the end of the day. However, none of this mattered because I knew that basketball was something that I would want to pursue in years to come. I began to view basketball as more than just a sport. I no longer cared about the basic dribbling, shooting,... ... middle of paper ... ... great opportunity has a created an explosion of success. I know that no one person or obstacle would ever be able to tear me down and make me feel as if I am less than or not needed in this world because I have the mindset of a winner. I believe that basketball and my education is a pure reflection of who I am. It shows how committed I am to following through with my obligations and putting in the work to steadily improve and get better. Not only has basketball made me a better athlete, but also has made a better student and person. Through my determination to win on the court and my hard work put in day in and out to press forward on the court and in the classroom I have pushed myself over and beyond what is asked of me. It has given me great self esteem and this is because of knowledge that I have developed due to my special interest in basketball and education

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