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Influences in my life that led me to select social work as a profession are growing up in an underserviced area, my experience at the Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska conference, my psychology and sociology classes, and my campus involvement. I was raised in a small farming community of 5,000 in Iowa, where we were fortunate to have access to resources, but there were not enough resources to meet demand. Specifically, the community had less than a dozen mental health practitioners to service hundreds of individuals in the community and surrounding, smaller towns. The lack of available resources means patients often have to go longer without seeing a provider than is recommended. It saddens me to see a preventable issue ultimately…show more content…
I practice empathy in my daily life. I enjoy understanding the viewpoints of others, even if they are drastically different than my own, while treating them as equal to myself. I am highly organized, which can be seen by viewing my transcripts. While working, being involved in campus clubs, and volunteering, I still work hard and get good grades. I am always working on my self-awareness by reflecting on almost every situation I have been in and figuring out how to improve for the next time. My strengths are that I am connected, an achiever, responsible, harmonic, and a learner. I possess the strength of connectedness because I believe everything happens for a reason. I like to link things and people together, creating understanding of many different things and people. I enjoy interacting with people who have had different life experiences than my own and creating a psychological bond from that. I am an achiever because I work hard and finish what I start. I thrive on keeping my word and being productive. I am also responsible and take psychological ownership of what I say I will do. I highlight my values of honestly and loyalty. I possess the strength of harmony because I dislike conflict; instead I prefer to work toward finding an area of agreement. Also, I am a learner. I love to constantly learn and grow from the knowledge I obtain. The process of learning in itself is extremely satisfying to me. My limitations include my Bachelor’s degree in psychology, my lack of experience in a social work setting, and growing up in an area with limited diversity. Since my main area of interest is in mental health, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln does not offer a social work degree, I decided to major in psychology. Psychology will help me with the mental aspects of a social work education, but neglects to teach me about disadvantaged individuals, social work ethics, and interactions in the

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