My Path To Success: Obstacles For This Semester

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Obstacles for This Semester Everyone struggles with something. You feel like you have everything under control starting the semester, and once you start, it is the complete opposite. Why? Because you have to finish and turn in all these assignments, and you sometimes do not understand where to start. There are a few things that interfere with my path to success. My path to success is a path where I am getting good grades and try to get rid of all my obstacles. The obstacles to my success this semester are time management, stress, and an online class. Time management is not easy. It has been a problem most of the time for me. Making time to be successful for this semester can be really hard. One of the struggles for time management is to know how to balance work,family,and school. Coming home from work on an afternoon shift from three to…show more content…
One main thing that causes a lot of stress for me is struggling to turn in assignments on the deadline. I easily get distracted by electronics or get too lazy to keep going. Another cause of my stress is from high family expectations. Since I am the first one attending college out of all my five sisters and one brother. In high school, I was a very smart student I would say. I would usually make A’s or B’s and was on the honor roll 9th - 12th grade. They expect me to make good grades with flying colors and not mess up or make any mistakes. Which is a lot of pressure on me because I know I will be making mistakes on some of my classes in the beginning like my college algebra or human anatomy classes. Those two classes are the ones I find more difficult because my human anatomy class is an online class and my college algebra class not much is explained in the class. In addition, another stressful obstacle is taking an online class and not knowing what to expect. Not knowing what to expect in an online class can be a bit on the negative side because it can lead me
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