My Path To Medicine: My Journey To Tanzania, Africa, East Africa

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I could say that my path to medicine began when I entered the Peace Corps and was sent to Tanzania, East Africa. Africa offered me several challenges: a new language, difficult living conditions, shocking poverty—but working through these challenges equipped me with a skill set. I came to understand and appreciate the need for tolerance, patience, and compassion when dealing with people who are different from me. Peace Corps also began to lay a certain foundation: the conviction to work with a diverse population and the beginning tools of perseverance.

Upon my return from Africa, a new direction opened for me, and I stepped into a career in the pharmaceutical industry, exposing me to several facets and specialties of medicine. Simultaneously, …show more content…

That moment marked both an end and a new beginning. It was the culmination of and an ending to two of the most difficult years I have had to face: being in medical school, in a different country, with a catastrophically ill parent. I suffered immensely during those two years—struggling academically and personally. My attention was inevitably divided between what was happening at home and concentrating on my studies. I stumbled, faltered, failed, and fought with self-doubt, but each challenge I faced required that I remind myself of one thing: I have to …show more content…

I believe I offer the residency program I join a unique perspective, my deep commitment, and my enthusiasm. In our evolving healthcare landscape, a physician should be able to multitask, make quick decisions, have the competence to make those decisions, and be able to deliver their messages to their patients in a compassionate way, inspiring them to improve their health and the quality of their lives. Being a physician who can draw on numerous life experiences in order to best serve her individual patients is the type of physician I plan to

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