College Admissions Essay

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I have never felt like I have been a part of any sort of social order, be it a school, church, neighborhood, club, a group of friends, or even my own family. Perhaps this is because, not only am I anti-social, but I am a collector: a collector of ideas and passions. My collection is ever changing and ever contradictory. My interests are to varying and eclectic to fit into one synonymous, orderly whole that can slide nicely into one clique's stereotype. I am always adding to my collection and always pealing and shedding overused/underused or unneeded skins. My collection is and never will be complete; for I have yet to even give it a name and a central theme is definitely lacking. I cannot even begin to recognize any synergism that may be possibly approaching. I cannot even recognize any in this essay. That is what I get for making one of my greater passions, writing, vestigial for so long and trading it in for a drawn out passion of making collages. …show more content…

On weekends I would visit my dad, and in my search for acceptance through fashion, I found amusement only in visiting the fantasy worlds of magazines... for my Dad's farming abode was oh so unglamorous. As I amassed a collection of these magazines, I began cutting pictures out of them and taping them to my bedroom wall. It was not long before I had created my first collage: it was my wallpaper.

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