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Literacy is the quality or state of being literate. It traditionally understood as an ability to read and write. Academically, literacy has also evolved from an exclusive focus on reading and writing to encompass a more inclusive and expansive perspective. Everyone’s life has rare moments which have the potential to influence the craft of understanding that directly has the abiding impression for lifetime. As for learning process which composes the reading and writing aspect, there comes an event that helps people to grasp the legitimacy of learning which turn out to be the moment of learning for some people in very motivating and inspiring manner. Let me give you my short history of progression in literacy that have been developed and influenced…show more content…
I started identifying letters at home with the help of my mother. My mother wanted me to learn so many things before I joined school so that I could be smart than other school kids and she made it possible with all her love and affection towards me and her beautiful hopeful eyes always stood as a powerful encouragement for me. When I joined school I was first taught to read and write alphabets (A,B,C,D..) along with identifying the pictures of an object starting from different alphabets (A as an Apple , B as a Ball…teachers helped me to identify pictures of an apple and a ball) .After few months I was slowly taught to read and write English and Nepali numbers(1,2,3,4..) that was the time when my reading, writing and speaking training…show more content…
It was around grade 3-6 when I started writing essays and I was able to read books on my own. I was very fond of reading “fairy tales” at that age because fairy tales were the book to which I could always relate myself as a princess. Snow white, Rapunzel and Cinderella were among my favorite fairy tales. It was my sister who used to read to me so many story books and taught me to imagine as being part of it. I realized that I could be anywhere in the book. I learned how to identify myself with those characters and I tried to relate to what they were experiencing. My sister was the greatest inspiration for me to boast my interest on reading story books. I started reading 2-3 story books a day which helped me a lot to improve my reading skill, but somewhere it also played as a drawback on my reading interest that I was interested reading nothing else but just a short story books.
It around grade 8-10 when I realized my strength as a writer. I was able to write good essays and most importantly I started developing my own poems and stories. It was my English teacher who used to encourage me in my writing. He used to give lots of assignments on writing and getting good grades encouraged me to develop my interest in writing. It was then when I stared taking part on an interschool poem, debate writing and essay competitions. These challenges played an important role in my life to learn new things and to

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