My Parfect Day

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Take one moment to imagine what a perfect day would be like for you. How would it begin, what would you do, who would accompany you throughout this day? Well, my perfect day began by waking up in the cool and calm environment of my elegant home in wild, wonderful, West Virginia. After jumping up out of bed, preceding a long nights rest, I prepare for a long day filled with vigorous activities. Next, I found myself glancing at the calendar only to find out that my favorite activities await my day ahead. I was excited to find out that my day would consist of band, basketball, baseball, my intimate hobby our local theatre program in Madison, West Virginia that we refer to as Stage which stands for scholastic team for arts and greater enrichments. All of this is only to lead up to my final activity of the day a musical with some of my friends. Stay with me as my perfect day continues, for you never know, your perfect day may be just around the corner. First, I look around and I see I am in a large room with many close friends of mine. I look down to find a beautiful brass instrument resting in my lap. I have started my intermediate band rehearsal. Today, we will be rehearsing songs for our upcoming Christmas concert. During this concert I will be accompanying my fellow musicians and band director, Eugene Mills, in playing songs such as, Jingle Bell Gallop, Silent Night, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Grandma Got Run-Over by a Reindeer, and other variations on popular Christmas carols. To us band is essential to our everyday lives, and it is a big part in all of our lives; however, it is extremely difficult to become good at. Now that I have improved, and made that first step to becoming good, that just may be the reason I enjoy it! ... ... middle of paper ... ...ntury by a talented man that went by the name of Claude-Michel Schonberg. After the performance, every one of my friends and I agreed that it was a phenomenal show! I thought to myself what a fabulous day, yet it is time for bed; because, of course the long, warm, glamorous day that I thought I would only dream about has come to an end. Night has come and once again we find our lives taking us down our routine road. I have had an astonishing day with superb activities and best of all I had the chance to share it with you! Would you share an experience with me sometime? What kinds of things interest you? As I look back on my day I realize that I have no regrets! I have accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish, and could possibly imagine successfully performing in one day! It was an absolutely phenomenal day! Thank you for permitting me to share my day with you!

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