My Opinion of Romeo

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My Opinion of Romeo Essay Question: What is your opinion of Romeo? I believe that Romeo is a very passionate person; he is a strong lover; charming and considerate, and later on, a fighter and a killer. He is controlled by his feelings, his emotions and instincts, and he does whatever they tell him to do, be it good, or bad. Most of the time during this play he relies on his feelings and instincts, without taking time to stop and think, which makes him lose his head a lot (he is impetuous), and when he does so, he does very stupid things, which he almost always regrets. At the beginning of the play, Romeo gives us the impression that he is a very passionate person, he has fallen head over heels for this girl, Rosaline, but unfortunately, his affections are not returned. This causes him to think suicidal thoughts, but then, later on in the play, he meets Juliet, at the Capulets' party, and he falls instantly in love with her, forgetting completely about Rosaline, and all thoughts he had of her. Even when he finds out that she is a Capulet, his passion does not fade. That he no longer loves Rosaline is justified later in the play when Romeo says to Friar Laurence: ‘With Rosaline, my ghostly father? No; I have forgot that name, and that name's woe.’ In this quote he is saying that he no longer cares for Rosaline and she is no longer a part of his life, this is an example about how hasty he is, and how he jumps in and out of love. Romeo also shows that he is a very passionate person by getting married to Juliet within days of when he meets her (this is also an example of how hasty he is), and later on his impetuousness and... ... middle of paper ... stop it and fails, until he puts himself between Mercutio and Tybalt, and when he does so Mercutio is wounded, under Romeo’s arm by Tybalt, when Tybalt leaves, before Mercutio dies, he says the words ‘A plague on both your houses.’ When Mercutio dies, Romeo is blinded by grief, rage, anger and a flood of other emotions, so much that he does not stop to think of what he is doing until the fight with Tybalt is over, and Tybalt lies dead, then he flees the scene, and the evidence is bought before prince Escalus, and he decides that Romeo is to be banished to Mantua. In conclusion I think that overall Romeo is a very passionate person who is very in touch with his emotions, sometimes he does very stupid things, but that is because of his passion, his hastiness, he is also violent because of his impetuousness.
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