My Most Prized Possession Essay

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What would you grab in an emergency is a question that most of us have pondered at one time or another. After all your loved ones are safe is there something you might consider going back for? For most of us we hold on to special items that we connect to happy memories and emotions. A piece of family history, a family heirloom a worn, book or a small faded handwritten note might fit the ticket as a most prized possession. My most prized possession for me is my 1986 Ford F-150, 302 V8, electronic fuel injected, 4X4. If I lost my most prized possession in an unexpected disaster, it would have a life-long effect on me. When I look at my truck, I flash back to the moment I saw this brown and tan rusty beast looming before me. The sun was…show more content…
One of my favorite memories while working on it was when my dad and I needed to replace all the fluids. We were first in line at the do it yourself auto shop to make sure we got a bay. We were quite the sight to see donned in our most unmatched, raggedy clothes. The shop tech directed us to our bay and opened the door in haste. A crank of the key and the truck screamed its way to life ready to roll. I carefully lined up the wheels and slowly at the rate of a tortoise, eased the truck through the garage door. The rumbling from the dual carb exhaust was bouncing off the walls and ceiling like a ping pong ball. We hoisted the truck high and quickly began the long and tedious task. It was just a short amount of time before both of us were covered with a plethora of various forms of liquids. After sucking, draining and refilling we were finally done. My dad glanced over at me and began to laugh. I look at him and cannot hold back the laughter either. We were both drenched in a cornucopia of sticky mess. My dad says, “I think you got a little something on your…show more content…
A mechanical issue that stumped three mechanics sealed the deal that many of the 104 weekends would be spent on my back or hunched over the engine with my dad. Conversations about life and the world sprinkled in with learning valuable skills on how to fix almost everything under the hood now fill my mind with great memories. Time I at first thought I was wasting turned into time learning, sharing, and laughing with my dad. Every time I get into the cab, start the engine, hear the engine’s loud rumble come to life, I always think of the time well spent fixing the truck up with my dad. This truck will have a lasting effect on

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