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The purpose of this essay is to analyze and compare and contrast the two paired poems “My Last Duchess” by Robert Browning and “My Ex-Husband” by Gabriel Spera to find the similarities presented within the pairs. Despite the monumental time difference between “My Last Duchess” and “My Ex-Husband”, throughout both poems you will see that somebody is wronged by someone they thought was a respectable person and this all comes about by viewing a painting on the wall or picture on a shelf. The themes within the poems are very parallel. You see the theme of Self-importance or pride and Jealousy contained in both poems. “The Last Duchess” the pride and jealousy stems from the Duke himself due to the Duchesses supposed lack of attention to him. “E’en …show more content…

For Robert Browning’s poem it was a picture of the Last Duchess on the Wall. “That’s my last duchess painted on the wall, looking as if she were alive; I call That piece a wonder, now: Fra Pandol”(Line 1-3) On the other hand, Gabriel Spera’s poem starts with a poem of the “ex-husband” on the shelf. “That’s my ex-husband pictured on the shelf, smiling as if in love.”(Lines 1-2) These two poems are essentially a story, a story that begins with an image and delves into memory of both speakers. You could compare it to an inner monologue or a memoir. In analyzing both of the poems one will conclude that the pictures are symbols of memory and the past. This being one of the very first connections of similarity between My Last Duchess and My Ex-Husband. My Last Duchess takes place in Italy, late Renaissance Italy which is over 300 hundred years before My Ex-Husband. You also see a reference to Italy within the poem My Ex-Husband. “You yet these lovely champagne flutes, hand blown, Imported from Murano, Italy” (Lines 52-53) Italy is yet another connection between these two paired poems. May it be the glorious and beautiful history or may it just be symbol of wealth between My Last Duchess and My Ex-Husband. The symbol of wealth is almost ironic because in the end who is really wealthy? They both have faced a sense of …show more content…

On the other hand, the speaker in Spera’s poem is female. This is a slight variation between the two. The speaker of both the poems is pointing out how the wronged spouse was treated and you see that both marriages come to an end through the imagery provided within both poems, as well as the tone. In the poem “My Last Duchess” quotes such as “Herself be lessened so, nor plainly” (Line 40) and “I gave commands; then all smiles stopped together” (Lines 45-46) The Duke had the Duchess killed, which is the display of how he had wronged his wife because in his eyes the wife didn’t give her all of her attention and gave too much to other men. This implies jealously. Spera’s poems idea of being wronged in betrayed seems to lay within the sign of adultery which in the end ended in divorce. “How slobbishly he carried on affairs” (Line 30) The ex-husband committed adultery, this creating jealousy from women and causing the end of their marriage. You see the end of the betrayal with the following lines “So, I made some calls, filed some claims, All the kisses Stopped together.” (Lines

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes and compares the two paired poems "my last duchess" by robert browning and “my ex-husband” by gabriel spera to find similarities presented within the pairs.
  • Compares the themes of self-importance and jealousy in "the last duchess" and "my ex-husband."
  • Analyzes how the surface tone of both the paired poems conveys a sense of irony but, once the reader look beyond, you see one of anger. the duke is angry towards his now deceased wife for entertaining other men with her sweet smile.
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