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Before I began elementary school I enjoyed reading picture books, the touch and feel books and pop-up books. I loved the author Dr. Suess, because he was funny and because I loved the rhyming he did in his writing. I can remember before bed my mom or dad would read to me until I got old enough to read myself. My mom has always enjoyed reading, if she is not reading a book then she is reading a recipe or a magazine. My dad on the other hand, I have only seen him read one book, besides reading manuals for his tools. Reading was not a big deal in my house, all of us kids were told that we needed to read, but they did not force us to read. This brings me to Richard Rodriguez essay, in his household reading was not as important but once he got to…show more content…
AR tests are test that you take on the computer, the questions are all multiple choice and there are ten questions per test. Not every book was on the list for AR tests, but the books that were each had a different amount of points based on the reading level of the book. Since second grade I was required to take these AR tests until my junior year of high school. This was the start of my dislike for reading. I did not think it was fair that since I was reading for enjoyment that I had to take a test over the book after spending a good amount of time reading the book. Once I got to junior high and high school is when we were required to have a certain number of points per quarter. If the students did not get the amount of points required then their grade would drop one letter grade. Since the AR testing started was when I realized that reading was not fun to me anymore, and then once I saw that my grade would drop because I did not get my points for the quarter made me mad. I would just do really good in all of my English classes then I would have an A, once the quarter ended since I did not receive my AR points then my grade would drop down to a B. To get a B in English only because I did not read was fine with me. In Rodriguez’s essay he states that he likes to read because the teacher would praise his effort. Rodriquez got praised for reading by his teachers and I got a lower grade for not reading,…show more content…
I did not have a problem standing in front of the class cause that meant all the attention was on me and I enjoyed that. My problem was that I had to read to the class, I would always get nervous because I did not want to mess up on an easy word that everyone in the class knew but me. Another thing that I did not like about reading out loud in front of the class, was that I had a couple friends in my class that would do silly stuff to make me mess up. Some of my friends would laugh or make noises to distract me and I would mess up on the words I was reading, it was funny to me but also made me very anxious to read aloud. Rodriguez talks about how he had to go see a nun to help him with his reading. Even though I did not have to go in another room and have help with reading, sometimes I felt like the teacher thought I needed to because I didn’t want to read aloud. Today it does not bother me to read out loud in front of a class, because I know realize that everyone is going to mess up, and not know every
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