My Experience With Reading And Writing

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Be You, Everyone Else is Taken One bad experience I had with reading was in my second grade. I was brand new to the class so I did not know anyone. We had to get into groups of three and take turns reading a book. It was my turn to read and I struggled on every word on the page. I could feel myself starting to sweat because I knew the other kids were judging me. The other two boys that were in my group laughed and said “Do you even know how to read?” At that very instant I knew that I would never get better at reading and I was always going to be the odd one out at school. I was afraid of going back to school after what happened to me on the first week of this new school. Mrs. Hattershide (my teacher) said that I would have to be in another class to get extra help with reading and writing until I was told I didn’t need it anymore. This “extra class” was called an IEP, which means Individuated Education Program. I came from a family that wasn’t very educated. My father dropped out of school in the 9th grade to pursue in being a garbage man. School was never his thing, as it was the same to me in my younger years. I have never met an adult as bad at spelling as my father is. He did not encourage reading towards any of my siblings and I because of the reason that he wasn’t good. It doesn’t mean that he is dumb, though. He still became successful. I guess you could say no one in my family is really outstanding academically. Being bad at reading and writing, (but mostly reading) made me think that I was never going to be successful in my future life. Five years later flew by; in the 7th grade I got taken out of my English class everyday because of my IEP, and my helper teacher helped me with whatever I needed. She read and explaine... ... middle of paper ... him one on one and all he had to say to me was good things. He said, “Evie, you have made a huge progress this year. In fact, more than anyone else in this class. I am really proud of you.” I replied with a real smile this time and said, “Thank you Mr. Avery, I could not have done it without you, really. You have taught me so much. You definitely prepared me more for college English class.” Overall, I did not have the best positive relationship towards reading and writing, but it has made a huge impact in my life. If it wasn’t for all the struggles I went through and kept pushing through them; I would not be the person I am today. I now help my dad with reading and writing; mostly how to spell. I hope I can help young students in the near future that have an IEP just like I did; to let them know to always stay true to themselves, and do not let others control you.
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