My Expeditions Through Literacy

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I was born into a home where my parents identified with different ethnic groups-my father traced his ancestry to the Akan tribe whereas my mother was from the Ga ancestry. This placed them in a dilemma as to what language to communicate in with my sister and me. In an attempt to be fair to each other, they decided on English, but we do speak Twi and Ga amongst ourselves. Although this played a part in developing my literacy, it is my journey through my young life, and at the pinnacle of this journey my time in high school, that has had the most impact on my literacy. In the years preceding high school, my family, newspapers and short stories influenced my literacy. My father always corrected me whenever I made a mistake when speaking or writing. He was quick to warn me against using jargons. My mother also contributed her quota to aid my literacy. She began to teach me both Ga and Twi. Learning these additional languages allowed me to better appreciate language and the mechanics involved in reading, writing and speaking. My insight into this halted my derision of people when they committed errors in language. Although my mother read bedtime stories to me even before I could talk, I only began to take an interest in reading when I was ten. Up until that point, my main source of literacy, apart from school, had been video games. Amazingly, I picked up at least two new words within every hour of game play. However, my game phase phased out when I could not get access to games. I then began to read the newspapers on my way to school everyday. The first time my mother told me to read the newspapers, I told her that they looked lackluster. Knowing my mother well, she devised a plan to get me hooked onto newspapers. She knew my love f... ... middle of paper ... ...acked countless anagrams and saved numerous lives all by using his brilliant mind. Langdon’s actions have influenced my thinking and analysis of information; I always want to scrutinize anything that comes way. This has caused my friends to label me controversial, but on some occasions, these friends run to me for answers to some of their questions. In addition to this, I have adopted varying strategies for reading different materials and in distinct situations. Earlier in my life, I found it difficult to distinguish between reading for fun, reading for information and reading for understanding. However, I can now do these different types of readings simply because of my reading phases. Also, as I have already stated, I try to not ridicule others when they make mistakes in language. I hope to continue in this same light and augment my literacy to higher levels.

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