My Expectationsnce Of Social Work

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It can be frightening when you have no idea as to what you aspire to be in the future. As a child, whenever I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, the first thing that I always blurted out was “A helper!" My parents would always laugh and tell me that was not a real job. With my personality being so approachable and friendly, and especially with my ability to listen attentively and provide efficient feedback, it began to dawn on me as to why I had such a strong desire to always want to help. I always had a knack for assessing any situation and being able to console the person and ease the pressure. In high school, my experience as a mentor to children from low income families in an elementary school in the South Bronx enabled me to…show more content…
These are my expectations because, as a social worker, professional values and ethics should be in effect. Understanding the importance of human relationships are crucial for social work because communication has to be effective, alongside with knowing how to separate personal stress from interfering with clients and social service agency staff. Additionally, dignity and understanding the worth of a person are vital aspects of the field; and as a student it is imperative to respect my fellow peers, and to refrain from behaviors that could result in the disruption of learning. Integrity is also important because Social Workers are expected to be trustworthy, but this trait is also important as a student of any graduate level program. As a student of the Silver School of Social Work at New York University, I would display integrity by completing assignments on my own, refusing to do work for others, and refraining from dishonesty in any form during any exams or the completion of assignments. My plans and expectations as a student are to demonstrate punctuality and competency by arriving to classes on time, remaining attentive, participating in class discussions, and by following up on professor’s suggestions for improvement. I also expect to be sensitive while relating to individuals and their situations while also learning various ways to seek social change for a more just society to live
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