My Dream Career

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Ever since I was a child I knew teaching was my calling in life. I want to be a teacher because I absolutely love children and I want to be able to make a difference in a child’s life just like some of my teachers have done for me. My ninth grade Spanish teacher, Mrs. Grimm, was the one who influenced me to become a teacher because she made learning so much fun and everyday I couldn’t wait to get to her class. With every lesson she made up a song to go along with it that way when it was time for the test, us students could easily remember the lesson by singing the song. I want to be that kind of teacher where a child looks forward to coming to my classroom. I want students to think I am fun and not boring.

During my sophomore year, I found out about the Teacher Academy program that was offered at my high school. I signed up and I got accepted into the Teacher Academy program at the beginning of my junior year. In order to get into this program I had to write a personal narrative of why I wanted to be a teacher and I had to get a teachers recommendation. When I got the letter that said I was accepted I was ecstatic.

This program has opened so many opportunities for me. For example, I get to work with teachers at the local elementary schools and inside the classroom. I get to do volunteer work at the YMCA, nursing homes, and food pantries at local churches. These opportunities have impacted my life in numerous ways. It has taught me to be loving and caring towards everyone I meet, to never judge someone by the way they look or act and that first impressions can always change. I have also learned to not think that all teachers are horrible people who just give homework. Before this program that is what I thought. I...

... middle of paper ... their best effort. This has helped me because I need to make sure all my needs are met in order to succeed in college and in everyday life.

In conclusion, I am delighted to have been accepted into the Teacher Academy program offered at Hamilton High School. This program has taught me how to be a great teacher, how to construct lessons and procedures, how to make my classroom a safe and positive learning environment to my students, and it has helped me in my own life. I have learned how to not be judgmental of people I meet. I have really matured from this program and it has taught me to be professional with everything I do. I know from taking this class I am prepared for the classes I will be taking at college. This program has offered me so many great opportunities like volunteering at different places and doing internships at local Elementary schools.
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